Key People

We draw on extensive and diverse experience, and high level technical expertise in order to provide our clients with clear, informed, and measured advice.

Dr Nick McGowan

Nick is the Principal of Insight DAS and is a Registered Landscape Architect and Urban Designer. He has undergraduate qualifications in Landscape Architecture and Management, a Masters of Urban Design, a Graduate Certificate in Psychology, and a PhD in urban studies from QUT.

Nick has over 20 years of experience and has developed a reputation for providing coherent design and assessment advice, informed by a comprehensive appreciation of planning and design principles and processes.

Nick is frequently involved in the provision of expert evidence for planning and environment appeals on matters such as design adequacy, character and visual amenity impacts, and compatibility with city image.

Azadeh Nahvi

Azadeh is a Registered Landscape Architect, Environmental Scientist, and Visual Assessment Specialist with extensive international experience.

She specialises in complex spatial analysis, design, and visualisation, and has advanced technical skills with GIS, Adobe Creative Suite, and CAD programs.

Azadeh has been involved in a wide range of design and assessment projects, including: industrial and infrastructure projects; commercial, residential and mixed use projects; precinct wide character analyses, urban design and landscape planning projects.